Fantasy vs real life: Daily post

You get to spend a day inside your favourite movie. Tell us which one it is- and what happens to you while you are there.                                                                                   (Thanks to the lovely prompt idea Mywitchkitchen)

 I am torn between two simple movies, if I’m to share a part:

‘Fried Green Tomatoes and the Whistle Stop Café’ and ‘Enchanted April’.

In Fried Green Tomatoes, I’d probably choose to be the older woman looking back at her youth. The fact that she chooses to support her friend and remove her from a violent relationship brings justice. To cook the recalcitrant husband and serve him up to the policeman, appealed to me at the time.

The other film, ‘Enchanted April’, as the title suggests, brings together four women, discontented with their disparate lives, in the wet, cold weather of England. Together they escape to the Italian Riviera for a month’s holiday in a wonderful old castle, surrounded by beautiful over grown gardens. Of course I’d like to play the young woman who proposes this escapade. If you’d enjoy an Italian romantic holiday, it’s worth a look.

I wouldn’t want to mess about with the story lines, but live them as they are played out. Both of these stories share the importance of friendship and how it alters and expands their lives, giving of themselves they receive threefold.

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10 thoughts on “Fantasy vs real life: Daily post

  1. M-R

    Yes … “Enchanted April” is really lovely (I didn’t see”FGTATWC”). Stringer and I talked of almost nothing but how wonderful it would’ve been to work on that movie … Sighhh …


    1. bkpyett Post author

      We don’t have many DVDs because we don’t watch them, but I saved these two for my old age. I bought these because I could sit and dream watching these, if ever I was chair bound. Like having insurance, this won’t happen!!

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  2. Silver in the Barn

    What an interesting prompt and two equally interesting responses. I remember “Fried Green Tomatoes” so well….adored Jessica Tandy and marveled at how well she played Southern women. Have not yet seen “Enchanted April” but it sounds right up my alley.


    1. bkpyett Post author

      Barbara, I’m glad you liked ‘Fried Green Tomatoes’ too! I hope you get the opportunity to see ‘Enchanted April’ too, as I’m sure you’d enjoy it if you like the romance of Italy! 🙂



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