Daily Prompt: NO EXCESS

‘Perhaps too much of everything is as bad as too little.’ Edna Ferber                                             Do you agree with this statement on excess?

Yes, I do agree. How can we look at the Royal Family, for instance, and believe that it is right for people to be born into such privileged positions of power?                                              Obviously they can do good; but they are wealthy! Surely helping people/State only provides them with a sense of well-being. Is it right that people, regardless of talent, be born to rule?

Power and money so often go hand in hand. The division in Australia between the rich and poor is becoming more divided. Our government complains about debt, and yet is prepared to go on wasting the country’s money by continuing a search for a plane that was lost months ago, with no hope of finding survivors.

The thought of sending troops into Iraq, interfering with others’ politics, scares me. The fact that it will cost millions, (or even billions), doesn’t seem to faze our government.

Also handing large amounts of money; outsourcing our refugees to Cambodia, who should be Australia’s responsibility, is beyond understanding. Those in charge most probably will help themselves, leaving the refugees in the same situation that they are in now, poverty stricken.

Solutions could be found within Australia, with far less expense, to create much happier outcomes. This government has no creative thinkers to bring about ways to break down the barriers they keep building.



14 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: NO EXCESS

  1. stvrsnbrgr

    The problem with any royal family is the very notion of royalty. There is simply no place for it in any nation that claims to value democracy. Accepting that some people are born into a ‘top’ position in society necessitates the acceptance that many millions of other people are born into the bottom. It perpetuates that status quo. I don’t suggest that republics are immune to inequities of wealth and opporunity. Clearly they are not. America is being torn apart by its absurd distribution of most of its vast wealth to fewer and fewer of its 320 million people. But when you have a queen on the money, you are bound to a world in which some have too much and most have too little.

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  2. JF

    I don’t understand why you are so critical about Australian government and laws. In 2013 UN’s committee determined that Australia is the best country (#1) to live in.


      1. JF

        Dear Barbara, recent history showed that European countries who gave absorbed people from many other countries now are very sorry of it.


  3. helen meikle's scribblefest

    Don’t agree about the Royal Family, because I believe a constitutional monarchy has benefits (for instance in the justice system) that outweigh the disadvantages. And in fact the R F has very little power these days. Imagine, for example, if Abbott was President, and the justice system was at the mercy of politics, as it is in America.
    But I do agree absolutely that ‘too much’ is downright dangerous.

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    1. bkpyett Post author

      The history of the Royal Family is atrocious, but I can see your point. There’s no easy solution.
      I certainly wouldn’t trust an Abbott type as President, what a dilemma that would be!

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