Before honey bees are extinct:

12471_8061Bee_0_460x230_0_460x230_3_200x100I just signed an urgent petition save bees from deadly pesticides, will you join me?

In a few days’ time a task force will recommend what the White House should do about these poisons, and if we get 3 million people to call for a ban, and deliver our call in time, we can help prevent honey bees going extinct.

See the massive petition here:


16 thoughts on “Before honey bees are extinct:

  1. ChristineR

    Current state of affairs in Australia

    Article on the abc a few days ago … About an app that lets farmers let beekeepers know where they have sprayed.

    “Globally we see a declining bee population, but in Australia we have one of the world’s healthiest and growing bee colonies….” says CropLife chief executive Matthew Cossey [re: the world-first technology will help protect bees from exposure to pesticides.]
    “A symposium held in Canberra on 9 April 2014 concluded that neonicotinoids, a newer class of insecticide commonly used to control insect pests in crops, are unlikely to be presenting any greater threat to honey bees and crop pollination than other pesticides which have been in use for many years. …”
    “Current scientific opinion is that these pollinator declines are likely to be caused by multiple interacting pressures which may include habitat loss and disappearance of floral resources, honeybee nutrition, climate change, bee pests and pathogens, miticides and other chemicals intentionally used in hives and bee husbandry practices, as well as agricultural pesticides. To reduce the risks from pesticide use we need to ensure that a range of regulatory, industry stewardship and educational measures are in place.”
    Dr Davies added: “Of course, given the importance of bees to agriculture and ecosystems, we will continue to encourage more research and surveillance on the effects of pesticides on bees in Australia.” …


    1. bkpyett Post author

      Thanks Christine for your many additions to this topic. I don’t think we should be too confident, as New Zealand has a disease affecting bees, which is rather too close for comfort for my liking. We must treasure these insects! So many new garden are not planting flowers but leafy substitutes, a great pity.


    1. bkpyett Post author

      Finally, retrieved from the spam folder, you are in the right spot!
      Thank you Barbara, I am glad you agree, this is a very important issue. I love to see the bees and leave some of my borage self seeded plants especially for the bees as they love them so much.


      1. bkpyett Post author

        So pleased Barbara that this comment came through unhindered! I’m glad, too, that you get pleasure from seeing the bees. Without them we’d be in strife!


  2. bkpyett Post author

    There is a disease in New Zealand affecting bees, so if we’re not careful we could be next….
    Hopefully this petition will have some clout in the USA, which will filter on to the rest of the planet. Thanks M-R for your support!!



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