A Spot of Entertaining:


IMG_2929This week has been a social week for us. Entertaining doesn’t happen often. We link up with Chris’ two retired colleagues from work and their wives at each other’s homes on a regular basis. (These three men taught art at Monash University). On Tuesday we had not only this group, but also some of their ex-students, 40 years on, as well! We were a group of 10. The spring weather was perfect, so we could eat outdoors. It was wonderful hearing how these individuals are all continuing to paint, and how they were/are influenced by their teachers.


33 thoughts on “A Spot of Entertaining:

  1. M-R

    Such a wonderfully European scene, Ba !!! – and the thought of all that talk about painting and drawing and sketching and art in general …! It must have been a really wonderful day !

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    1. bkpyett Post author

      Glad you asked Elaine! Started with: proscuitto and cantaloupe, cheese/fruit and champagne,(that someone kindly brought). Then we had a bowl of chickens, fennel and blood orange salad with a touch of ginger in the dressing, roasted pumpkin,green leaves, feta cheese and roasted walnuts and a touch of maple syrup in the balsamic dressing, and another salad with lettuce greens, asparagus, avocado, tomato; all accompanied by red/white wine, or soft options. Dessert was my homemade apple strudel with a touch of added crystallised ginger served on my large Asian plate accompanied by strawberries, and a lemon merengue pie looking and tasting superb, even if I say so myself!! I was too busy to take pictures!! I did think of you Elaine, wondering how you always manage to take such superb pictures, as well as concocting such wonderful treats!

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      1. bkpyett Post author

        There were many things I didn’t mention, like the array of warm breads! wow it was all yummy!
        and the special chocolates afterwards, that my daughter had given me for a special occasion.
        Yes, shall have to learn to be more dexterous with all my limbs!! 😀

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