Spring in Pearcedale:


Picked a bunch of these delectable smelling violets yesterday

Grevillea, a plant the birds adore

Grevillea, a plant the birds adore

Another Grevillea, bird's paradise

Another Grevillea, bird’s paradise

Banksia tree

Banksia tree planted on our nature strip.

As I shall be having the grandchildren to stay my posts will be more spasmodic, as by night time I’m depleted!

Shall return….


Another Banksia

Another juvenile Banksia, also on our nature strip.

15 thoughts on “Spring in Pearcedale:

      1. bkpyett Post author

        I had ten years between my eldest and youngest…. but my cousin had 25 years, what a shock that was!! You do understand how much time is absorbed, and I do agree, it’s lovely to have a gap to appreciate things more fully! ❤


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