Learning to fly is not always easy:


This is a photo of a baby Noisy Miner bird. (Manorina melanocephala ) It is a common bird here, in Victoria, Australia and not a welcome one as it scares little birds away. This fluffy baby bird looks adorable. The voice of the adult is complaining ‘pwee pwee pwee’, chuckling ‘weedidit’; liquid notes. Β Alarm call strident ‘pee pee pee’. Β Another related bird is the Bell Miner, which we seldom see, but we hear the ‘tink’ echoing in this area, especially when the weather warms.

Baby bird clinging to rose bush with pink Rosemary flowering behind.


parents making a lot of noise

Short flight and falling to the ground.

Short flight and falling to the ground.


Baby bird hiding


14 thoughts on “Learning to fly is not always easy:

  1. avian101

    If you didn’t have birds the insect population would be overwhelming!
    I usually take the good with the bad because could be worse. Thanks Barbara for the post! πŸ™‚


  2. mrsmrs

    Go, Ba !!! – birds are GORGEOUS. Stringer and I adored the Noisies: we called them “waak birds”, and always told them how totally superior they were to be natives, as opposed to those ghastly Indian Mynahs … πŸ™‚


    1. bkpyett Post author

      They do fill the garden with their noisy chatter, but I’m disappointed they scare the smaller birds away… 😦
      Though this baby really was so fluffy and unsteady, I hope it’s OK!



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