Monday painting update:

Today’s update ย of Christopher’s painting is not totally true, but I boosted the colour to enhance it, so that it was more visible. His work needs to be seen in reality, rather than a photograph. There is a wonderful translucent quality to them.

Christopher Pyett's painting  of Barbara in progress 8-9-14

Christopher Pyett’s painting of Barbara in progress 8-9-14



Maybe I should show you the windy spring day outside with the lawns mown too!

Spring in Victoria, Australia

Spring in Victoria, Australia

Boronia has a fantastic perfume

Boronia has a fantastic perfume

20 thoughts on “Monday painting update:

  1. ChristineR

    I grew boronia for a few years, but it died from lack of attention during the drought. I once did an oil painting portrait of my mum, from a photo, but could never get one eye quite right! Christopher looks to be doing you justice. โค

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  2. mrsmrs

    I love it ALL, Ba ! I suspect that wonderful portrait might look better smaller within the frame, rather than larger as it would be seen by the eye … See wotcha fink.
    How DARE you grow Boronia in chilly Victoria ?! ๐Ÿ˜€ I grew up with it over in Perth; and have been told by all who consider themselves experts that you cannot grow it in other than hot climates. What’s you explanation then ? [grin]

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    1. bkpyett Post author

      It’s true, the painting will look quite different complete and framed. I did this so you could see the detail that is going into it. The boronia is sublime, and doing well in a pot by the clothes line.
      Makes it a joy to hang the washing! โค



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