Break from ‘Enduring Threads’ and Canadian Billboards:

imageA quick note to let you know I’m working on ‘Enduring Threads’, to get it ready for a professional editor. I am really enjoying working on it, and have decided not to put any more on the blog at the moment. You have had a taste of what is to come!

I have decided to make Monday the day to put up a painting, or progress of paintings. Thank you all for your visits and comments. Here are just a couple of billboards to make you smile.

Canadians have a de-LIGHT-ful sense of humor,as is evidenced in this selection of billboard images from across their country. We have taken the FUN out of Life in America with our supposed focus on ‘rightness’; as if you could ever legislate morality. Have a good laugh at these billboardsimage-18 image-17 image-16 image-15 image-14 image-13 image-12 image-11 image-10 image-9 image-8 image-7 image-6 image-5 image-4 image-3 image-2 image-1 image

29 thoughts on “Break from ‘Enduring Threads’ and Canadian Billboards:

  1. Outlier Babe

    I was headed for sleep, but couldn’t, for reasons that may become a post. Have no idea how I wound up at this particular post–think I am delirious, really–I know I chose your site deliberately–but am so glad I arrived. Hysterical! Perhaps my sleepy self can doze off now that I have a giant smile to accompany my snores. Thank you, Barbara!

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