A misused word: daily prompt

A misused word….

An incident from childhood that remains with me, is from my youngest brother.

Angus was the youngest of five children. My mother was often too busy to put him to bed, so I’d help. Angus was such a mischievous and adorable child. We’d say prayers before going to sleep and Angus’ version really cracked us up.

Instead of ending with , ‘For Christ’s sake, Amen.’

He’d say, ‘For Christ’s sake, come in!’

We didn’t enlighten him that these were the wrong words…. I’ve included this incident in Enduring Threads: part 13


8 thoughts on “A misused word: daily prompt

  1. bkpyett Post author

    Carol Ann, I doubt that Angus still says that! I loved your little one confusing the Lone Ranger with Away in the Manger!! Children come out with some wonderful thoughts!! 🙂


  2. Carol Ann

    What a delightful anecdotal remembrance…I wonder, does he still say that?

    My son when he was three finished singing Away in the Manger standing in the pew next to his father on Christmas Eve, look up and with the teary emotion said, “I just love the Lone Ranger”. (In our part of the world, a children’s TV program.)


    1. bkpyett Post author

      I do like your response. Yes, Angus probably is an old soul, still keeping us entertained! Your Grandfather must have been a special man too! 🙂



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