14 thoughts on “Hail inspection:

  1. bkpyett Post author

    The noise of the hail was tremendous, it just pelted down! I was surprised that it wasn’t thicker on the ground. Hope you keep safe with your upcoming storm!


  2. M-R

    Good GRIEF ! – your poos Victorians !!! Hail, yet – and snow ?!!!!
    What in the world is happening ? I mean, I know it’s winter, but …
    I just called friends in Geelong and grilled them, and Sarah says that at least today was brilliant and sunny down there, so that’s good then.
    Melbourne and Sydney are now like two different countries, weather-wise.

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  3. ChristineR

    My heart always goes a bit extra pitter-patter during hard rain and noisy hail! I hope your plants were not too badly injured, Barbara. Haven’t had hail in an age here, but the day isn’t over yet. 😀

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