“Lyric Suite No.3 for Hazel, completed:

Christopher Pyett photographed with 'Lyric Suite No. 3 for Hazel' photograph: Susan Gordon-Brown

Christopher Pyett photographed with ‘Lyric Suite No. 3 for Hazel’ photograph: Susan Gordon-Brown

Today will be spent preparing for our trip to the city tomorrow. Shopping, cooking etc.; that means cooking a veg. lasagne to take to the city to visit baby Hazel. Our trip is ostensibly to take the painting to the framers, (an excuse to visit baby Hazel). Each painting takes approx. 3 months, so it’s a big deal when each is completed. Susan Gordon-Brown takes these beautiful photographs for us, so they are documented professionally. These days when galleries ask for digital images, there can be other specifications that are far too difficult for us to decipher. The world is becoming so complex, an artist is expected to be other than a painter.

21 thoughts on ““Lyric Suite No.3 for Hazel, completed:

    1. bkpyett Post author

      Thanks Elaine, we had a lovely day. Getting home to your photos of Bob, Chris tried to convince me he couldn’t live without another Spaniel…. I’ve had to put my foot down. Three in the bed is enough! πŸ™‚


  1. M-R

    The Husband does indeed look relieved and happy. And I would be, too, to have any one of his gorgeous colour creations/compositions in my house !!! πŸ™‚


  2. Carol Ann

    It is hard to tell much about the painting because ‘so much is lost in the internet translation’, but the composition is very good. What is the medium? It is a very cheerful color scheme. Maybe after my eye surgery things will be clearer…I certainly hope so.

    Design Conceptuals (my email name) was the name of our architectural perspective business and Design Concepts, Inc was the name of our Interior/Architectural Design Firm…mostly hotels and restaurants, some retail and office. Most all of the renderings were done in gouache, some in ink and watercolor and sometimes quick studies in markers. I loved those. Paul was exceptionally good at ‘charettes’…large quick studies done on an easel while brainstorming with clients.

    Where can I see more of Christopher’s work?



    1. bkpyett Post author

      Carol Ann, it was a pleasure to read your response to Chris’ work and interesting to hear of your Interior/Architectural Design Firm. Chris works mostly in gouache, as this one is. The colour really doesn’t photograph well, it’s much better in reality. Where can his work be seen?
      Stuart Pervis has one of Chris’ paintings at Gallery 101, in Collingwood. There is another painting in the National Works on Paper at the Mornington Gallery, Vic. at the moment. His web site shows some on: http://www.christopherpyett.com or else, if you’re in our region, his work can be viewed at home here in Pearcedale. Are you retired Carol Ann? I must look up your blog!
      Thanks for your response, Barbara



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