Philosophy/ what has happened to our kind society?

Dream Teacher
You can choose any person from history to teach you any topic you want. Who’s your teacher and what do they teach you?
(thanks Mati Serrano for inspiring this prompt). Ben Huberman.

Turning away from religious icons of the past, mainly because of wars and pedophilia being perpetrated in the name of religion; I would prefer to choose a teacher who is more human. This would be someone who would talk philosophically with me and encourage deep thoughts and allow my brain to develop critical thinking. Humour is another prerequisite, as life would be very dull without it.

Many authors come to mind but, in reality, writing is something I must do alone. There are people I admire who are out there attempting to change the wrongs of this world. I can see a big need in our community for such activists. I shall include details about a meeting to be held in Dalesford, Victoria, Australia where such ideas and ideals will be discussed, just in case there is anyone able to attend. I have not included contact details, but if anyone is interested, please contact me and I can e-mail you the details.



Where & When? Saturday, 9th August 2014, from 2pm to 4.30pm
At the Daylesford Town Hall, Vincent Street, Daylesford

Who can attend?
This is a free public forum open to all ALP members and all members of the Public who wish tocontribute to a discussion & possible re-shaping of the ALP Policies relating to Asylum Seekers.

· Richard Marles*, MHR for Geelong and ALP Shadow Minister for Immigration (* awaiting confirmation from Richard)
· David Manne, Lawyer & Public Advocate assisting Asylum Seekers
· Julian Burnside, Lawyer & Public Advocate assisting Asylum Seekers

· Current ALP policies on Asylum Seekers will be explained
· Each Speaker will then present their view on the adequacy or suggested changes to the ALP policies
· The audience, guided by the Chairperson, Dep. Mayor Cr. Kate Redwood, will have the opportunity through a Q&A format to express their views or ask questions
· All attending will have the opportunity to submit written thoughts on the current policies and possiblechanges

What does the Forum hope to achieve?
· Involve ALP members in an open consultation with the wider Community on the issues
· Involve ALP supporters in an open consultation with the wider Community on the issue
· Encourage other sections of the ALP to openly debate and re-think the ALP policies and practices concerning Asylum Seekers

Warren Maloney
(contact details withheld)
Member of the ALP 1979-present (Brunswick South and Daylesford Branches)

Paul Keating: “I think Australia has to be a country which has the ‘Welcome Sign’ out.”

8 thoughts on “Philosophy/ what has happened to our kind society?

  1. bkpyett Post author

    Wordsgood, thanks for your comment. I agree, it must be a nightmare for those not speaking English dealing with our system. Lots needs to be done, at present things look bleak here in Australia. Good luck with it in Canada!


  2. Wordsgood

    What a great idea! Groups like this could assist both sides in every country where people seek asylum. If we have such groups in Canada, they certainly aren’t well publicized. There are services available, but not under a single cohesive, secular group umbrella.

    Having spent a decade working in two different levels of government, then the following dozen years since navigating the bureaucratic nightmare of both, first for my parents and now for myself, I can only imagine what it’s like for immigrants. Especially those that don’t speak English or French.


  3. bkpyett Post author

    Asylum seekers are generally people who are escaping persecution and many come/ or have come by boat. These people are deemed to be ‘illegals’. Our government is not allowing these people to resettle in Australia. This Govt. Insists that they don’t land in Australia because that changes their legal status. Instead they are captured at sea, processed at Christmas Island and moved to places like Manus Island( part of New Guinea) and kept indefinitely in jail like conditions with little hope. Their only hope is to be accepted by other countries in SE Asia, like Malaysia. They come from come from extremist Muslim countries, where for some reason, they are being badly persecuted. Both sides of politics agree with this action, at present, but a growing percentage of Australians do not. Hope this is a little clearer. Thanks for asking JF!


  4. JF

    Barbara, would you be so kind to explain to an American who are people who you call “asylum seekers”? From what countries are they? Do they want to live in Australia because it is a richer country with more possibilities or they are persecuted in their countries?


  5. M-R

    Good one, Ba ! – will you do me a favour and find out how they intend for the results of this meeting to be made public, please ? I have been banging on for a year about the ALP’s need to completely and radically alter this policy; and would be terribly frustrated not to know what comes out of this meeting.

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