Huntie puts me on the spot… a continuation:

To get back to answering M-R’s  (via Huntie) requested questions:

  1. What are you working on at the moment?

At the moment I am editing a YA story called ‘Angels Behind the Scenes’.

  1. How does my work differ from others of the genre?

This story is probably in the fantasy genre. Throughout my life I have been fascinated by life after death. Death and beyond are topics most adults like to leave alone. Children seem to be far more open and accepting of death. I am writing about death as part of life, leaving any fear behind.

  1. Why do I write what I do?

Starting in my youth, writing was always something I could do without incurring expense. It has also allowed me to express frustrations that could not be spoken about. Burning reams of written rantings, poetry, received letter, diaries and stories before moving to Melbourne in 2000 was quite cathartic.

  1. How does my writing process work?

Allowing my thoughts to flow means that much editing is needed. I get over excited when I complete a story and have let myself down sending off manuscripts before completion. The ideal for me would be to have an agent, to do the difficult part of finding a publisher. My first illustrated children’s book was sent off to 16 publishers. The two most encouraging responses gave me confidence to send them further manuscripts. ‘Lily’s Wish’ was accepted and published in 2011 by New Frontier Publishers in Sydney. Serena Geddes illustrates this book. It is a Christmas story about a child writing to Santa and asking for wings so that she can fly.

As far as my memoir, ‘Enduring Threads’ is concerned, it may never see the light of day.



9 thoughts on “Huntie puts me on the spot… a continuation:

  1. Harliqueen

    Great answers to the hop! 🙂

    Death is a strong topic to take on for a book, and always has an impact. I think it’s something that needs to be discussed more, and through stories is one of the best ways.


    1. bkpyett Post author

      Thanks Harliqueen for your supportive comment. Death is something that comes to us all and must affect us at some time during our lives.
      Hope I have made it palatable.


  2. Dixie Minor

    Barbara, I am so glad to know more about what you are writing. I loved Lily’s Wish, and I love reading your blog posts. (I hope to do a Goodreads review soon; I am still spending so much time with my dad, who left the hospital but is in rehab-but I am hoping to be able to do some other things soon that I have been wanting to do. I am fascinated that you are writing about death as a part of life and about life after death. Ever since I lost my son in an automobile accident in ’99, I have read and talked to other people a lot about their experiences either feeling that they in some way had a sign, or had a sense of their loved one, or other amazing things that sometimes seem to occur. I love YA; I am so excited that that is what you are working on! I can’t wait to read it!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. bkpyett Post author

      Dixie, I love to hear from you. It is not only time consuming to support elderly parents, it’s the emotional depletion that comes with it. I do hope that your Dad recovers so that he is independent again. I’d love to talk to you about your loss and life after. Hopefully the book will eventually see the light of day for you to read it!

      Liked by 1 person


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