Love: change this law

If I ruled the world and had the power to change one law of nature it would be that everyone should be loved and be able to express love.

Yesterday, being Mother’s Day brought back memories of my Mother. I was lucky to have a kind and considerate mother. Love was not a subject mentioned, but she showed her love through her actions. Cooking, gardening, ironing, sewing clothes, all the things that we took for granted.

My Grandfather was against her becoming a nurse. Girls were not encouraged to go out into the world and seek a career. His eldest worked in his firm. Brenda, being second, stretched the limits. She managed to convince the country doctor to persuaded her father that she’d make a good nurse.

The Second World War came and Brenda, having completed her training, became an army nurse. This took her off to the Middle East, widening her horizons further. When she returned to Tasmania, she chose to marry my father. This put an end to her career. Married women were not allowed to work, though, this was soon to change.

Our tradition on Mother’s Day was to go to church wearing a white flower. Giving Mum breakfast in bed was what we endeavoured to achieve, though looking back it wasn’t appreciated! Crumbs in the bed….  She liked to be up and about. No gifts or cards were given.

It is strange how the whole Mother’s Day thing has blossomed and become a commercial event. I haven’t encouraged gift giving. I felt really happy to receive a phone call from each of my three children yesterday.

My eldest daughter told me of her six year old making and giving her a card. On it is said, ‘Happy Mother’s Day Mum, I love you because you make love.’ His father nearly fell off his chair! Fran understood what he meant, and we felt that was the most beautiful affirmation.


As I haven’t a white Nerine, like the ones we wore, this is a red one from our garden.

20 thoughts on “Love: change this law

    1. bkpyett Post author

      I think it is what happens throughout the year, keeping in touch etc., for me is far more important, than one day. I did like their attempts at breakfast in bed when they were at home!!


  1. M-R

    I’m with you, Ba … and I can’t NOT mention that divine flower ! I don’t believe I know anything of it, but I am going to find out !


    1. bkpyett Post author

      Glad you like the flower. It is a bulb, I have only one pink and all the rest are red. Shall get the white one sometime, just for memory sake!


  2. stvrsnbrgr

    “I love you because you make love.”

    I took your grandson’s meaning on the first read. Had to catch up to his father’s reaction. That must have made your daughter’s day!


  3. Martha Kennedy

    I really love your wish. I think the ability to express love is very rare as is the ability to accept it with purity of soul.



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