When was the last time a stranger did something particularly kind, generous or selfless for you? Tell us what happened.

One event springs immediately to mind: I was at art school in my youth. To travel home on the bus or train was a full days journey. By car at that time it took five hours.

I don’t even remember who offered me the lift back to my home- town, but I gladly took it.    On the journey, it was at night, we stopped in the forest and I was asked to get out. The baby needed changing. This done, I climbed back into the car, not noticing that I’d dropped my purse onto the road.

Some time later, a letter arrived at my boy friend’s house, addressed to me as Mrs. (boyfriend’s surname). Luckily I had stuffed a bill into my purse to keep for my boyfriend, which had an address on it. They included their telephone number.

The outcome was that we drove over to this kind person’s house, next to the jail. I became all over come and unnecessary, and didn’t give them the $20 that was in the purse, nor the chocolate frog that was also nestling there. I was very grateful to get the purse back but didn’t show my gratitude. Something I will never be able to rectify as I’ve forgotten the name and address. If it was you, please accept my deepest thanks! I am so sorry I didn’t show my appreciation at the time.

Their act was thoughtful, very kind and deserved better!


8 thoughts on “Kindness

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  2. Dixie Minor

    I agree with Wordsgood. I can tell how kind you are, and I know you have paid this forward! Plus, I’ll bet the finders took joy in being able to get your purse back to you. This post reminded me of being in England for a short while just after graduating from college. I was on a very limited budget, and I dropped my Britrail Pass in a London train station. My friend went on to Edinburgh without me. Some kind person found my pass but would not leave it at the counter, preferring rather to give it to me herself. She left her number at the counter, and when I called her, she brought it to me in person. I have never forgotten that kindness! (This “comment” became a little overlong! Perhaps I should have written a post!) 😃


  3. Wordsgood

    So true. The kindness of strangers is often the best remembered, even if we can’t fully process it at the time. You have made up for it. By paying it forward, and I’m sure that’s probably all they had hoped for in return. 🙂



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