Paintings: Exhibitions


Adam Pyett Flowering gum, oil on canvas 2013-14 56x46cms


Adam has two paintings in a group show at the Sophie Gannon Gallery, 2 Albert Street, Richmond, Victoria, Australia showing until 24th May.


Arch and Slab No. 12, Birthday at a Perfect Drop.

Christopher Pyett Arch and Slab, no. 12, Birthday at a Perfect Drop Gouache on paper

Christopher has the above work to be exhibited at the Mornington Gallery, Mornington Peninsula, Victoria, 2014 National Works on Paper.  Exhibition dates 23 May – 20 July.

Just in case any of you are in the vicinity and would like to see some beautiful paintings.

15 thoughts on “Paintings: Exhibitions

  1. bkpyett Post author

    That would be wonderful! It is a long way from here, but would give us all an excuse to sally north, or you might be tempted south? There again there are tempting places in between, like Dunk Island!!


  2. Martha Kennedy

    There are few things I like as much as I do beautiful paintings. These are both lovely. Thank you!


      1. M-R

        No. I can’t ever again stay overnight anywhere unless I have either an adjustable bed or a big recliner chair. I have both, here.


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