Home and my dreams: daily prompt

The tale of two cities: daily prompt

My choice is my home and my dream life. Where; because I’m content in my little hamlet of Pearcedale, is inconsequential. Maybe I shouldn’t dismiss it like that, as you don’t know what it is like to live in this sleepy little Australian town.

We have essential shops a walk away. In our section of the town the streets are eccentric, with curves and narrow brick sections, to slow the traffic. There is no through traffic, though we have some young ones who like to test their prowess with testosterone revvings on a Friday night. The neighbour over the road has a book she keeps the number plates documented! There are walking paths on just one side of the street, which meander from one side of the road to the other. Gardens spill out onto the generous nature strips.

Neighbours know one another. We know eight neighbouring households reasonably well and the others by sight and a wave. We tend to keep to ourselves with an occasional chat, especially if out gardening, or on our daily walk.

We live on a quarter acre block. When we found this place we didn’t look at any other houses. This house is small and was chosen because of its sheds. Massive sheds. The middle one is divided into a studio and library/ work space/guest beds when needed, and now has basic bathroom facilities. City people are overwhelmed with our studio’s space, high ceilings and skylights. We feel like pigs in mud!

The other ‘city’, is my dream world. This is more diverse than the usual city; here experiences of all kinds take place. Unknown places and people are discovered. My beloved shares this dream world and because of our shared childhoods, we can share the odd people from the past who enter out dream world.

Jungian interpretations are expounded. Reading and film can also influence the night’s activities. A question can be answered if posed before going to sleep. Ideas for stories are given, though often on waking they dissipate or are less impressive when written down… but there’s always hope that the next one might be even better.


8 thoughts on “Home and my dreams: daily prompt

  1. Dixie Minor

    I loved this! It was such a creative response. I could almost see your town, and I wanted to walk along those streets too! And having seen a few photos you have posted of your home, it looks beautiful. I enjoy my dreams too. . . usually. I sometimes feel as if I have gone in a very real journey if I have a vivid dream!


    1. bkpyett Post author

      Perhaps I should take some more photos to fill in a few gaps! Glad you enjoyed the walk!
      It’s interesting how we can venture into totally new places in dreams and meet new people too sometimes!


  2. Martha Kennedy

    I think I’d like living in a sleepy Australian town. And Zürich? Well, it’s my dream city (though it’s real and I’ve been there).


    1. bkpyett Post author

      Martha,your home looks so warm and welcoming, an ideal spot for writing! Thank you for your follow, as I shall enjoy following yours.
      I had four years in Switzerland, a magical place, but I don’t yearn for it, just remember it in it’s own beauty.
      Of course we’d welcome you here, Australia still has some wonderful aspects.



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