Growing gifts:

IMG_2009Sometimes the daily post suggestion doesn’t suit me, so I shall just do a ‘fill in’.

I thought I’d give you a glimpse of one of the many posies I prepared earlier in the year, when the garden was full of flowers. It is such an easy gift and so much more personal when you have grown it yourself!

Now, when there’s not much about I prepare a bunch of herbs. Rosemary is always there and usually there’s sage, thyme, basil, occasionally coriander, parsley and lemon verbena, marjoram and mint. If you want to brighten the bunch up with a few flowers; nasturtiums, lavender, or even borage fit the bill, which may help enhance a meal or just sit in a vase in the loo to brighten the day.

Sometimes these days, people think gifts should cost money. I disagree. In my younger years, I was given a rose which made me cry, I was so touched. It was not just the perfection of the rose, it was the memories it evoked. Awareness of my loss and yearning to grow a garden of my own had been denied by living in an apartments. I am all the more grateful for the opportunity to grow things and experience abundance, that I now I feel it important to share these gifts, which I share with you. I’m just sorry that you can’t smell the fragrance!


20 thoughts on “Growing gifts:

  1. M T McGuire

    Wow, you must have a fantastic garden. Both those are lovely. Also, I passed on your posts to Roe Hammond and she would love to get in contact. I think she’s travelling out to Tasmania and Australia in November – so if you’d like to get in touch with her, feel free to drop me an e-mail at info at hamgee dot co dot uk.




    1. bkpyett Post author

      Thanks MT, I’d love to e-mail Rosemary, so shall send my details to your e-mail.
      Appreciate you doing that for me and may be we’ll meet up! Is that dot co, or dot com?


      1. M T McGuire

        Cool that would be fantastic and I’ll pass them on to her. 😉 it’s on the end there. Alternatively, if you leave a comment on my blog I can get your e-mail address from that.




  2. bkpyett Post author

    Thank you M-R. Sometimes I feel my posts are a bit simplistic! Still, that’s how I am!!
    Do you think the basic WordPress version does allow video insertion?


  3. M-R

    But that’s simply GORGEOUS !!! If someone gave me a bouquet like that, I would fall upon them with loud cries of totally sincere gratitude, and hug them squashingly !
    Btw, Ba, me old mate: you don’t HAVE to take up all this prompts, you know: your intro. up there made me feel as if you think you’re defaulting in some way by not following The Daily Prompt. Most people only do so if (a) it appeals, and (b) it’s better than anything else they can think of to write about. And I’m sure that’s what Krista et al. mean it to be … Are you really flummoxed with video inserting ? If you are, respond here, and I’ll give you a call.



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