Transposed but not forgotten:

Blogging has brought about a strange coincidence. Yesterday, fellow blogger, MTMcGuire, commented from the UK after my post about returning to Devonport, Tasmania. He knew someone from Devonport in his writer’s group. I suggested it might well be a relative of mine, as everyone knows how inbred Tasmanians are.

MTM wrote back last night with the name of his friend. I couldn’t believe it. Rosemary grew up living next door to our family. Well, their lane way was, and the house was over the back fence. I have written about Rosemary’s family in ‘Enduring Threads’, though, I do have to go through it before I can print it here. Chris suggests a few name changes.

MTM, thank you for linking more threads. Life is a complex business and it’s wonderful when a thread can be teased out and joined again with the past.


10 thoughts on “Transposed but not forgotten:

    1. bkpyett Post author

      It has been quite extraordinary! Have had 3 e-mails since and so much has happened in 50 years! Rosemary has written books, one called, ‘John, Dementia and me’, as her husband suffered early dementia, starting in his 40s. Thanks for your comment Cheryl. πŸ™‚


  1. bkpyett Post author

    It is wonderful when it happens! How often do you have your writer’s group? I was interested to hear of your coincidences too.
    I have not seen Rosemary for fifty years!


  2. M T McGuire

    That is so bizarre but I find, in life that these coincidences tend to turn up more often than not. I remember a while back, when I worked in PR, talking to a client about their weekend house. They said they lived in Oxfordshire and I said, “I bet it’s town x” to which the reply came that yes it was. Turned out that they were my uncle and aunt’s next door neighbours. We’d just been down to my cousin’s wedding and they remarked on how loud and ribald the guests were including one gentleman who had a completely hilarious laugh. So I did an impression of my Dad’s laugh, and sure enough, their “laughing man” was him.

    Another time when I told an American friend of a friend that I was at university, he said, “oh I know somebody at university in England” amazingly, I did actually happen to know the person he was talking about.





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