Good Friday: Junk food junkie

Chips! That’s what used to tempt me most. Cooked to that crisp golden state, with smells wafting tantalizingly to tempt the taste buds, till they could not be resisted. Spending my Sunday school money, buying 6d worth of chips, on the very odd occasion when my mother was not at church. The fish and chips shop was one of the very few shops open in those days at the weekend.

If chips are soggy, they can sit uneaten, untouched. Temptation is probably more basic these days. Using butter for instance. There’s nothing like a hot bun with butter, or a crumpet with butter and honey, creating sticky hands and chin. Everything boils down to moderation. Not going overboard. That is why I resist chocolate, as I find it very difficult to have just one.

6 thoughts on “Good Friday: Junk food junkie

  1. bkpyett Post author

    You are right, and even sometimes we lose the taste and don’t need it anymore. As I did with milk coffee that I had every morning. Now I only have it when I go out. I do enjoy it then.


  2. fightingfatblogger

    I love home made chips in a nice buttery bun with salt and vinegar. I might treat myself to one again some day but like you I have to resist some of my temptations entirely because I can’t moderate.


  3. bkpyett Post author

    My mother was a very energetic chocoholic! She wasn’t obese, but just didn’t eat ‘normal’ meals. I do think chocolate is addictive, for me anyway. So I can resist it if I don’t have any!



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