Review: ‘Winter Wish’ Dixie Minor

Dixie Minor’s Y/A book, ‘Winter Dream’, is set in the shadow of the north Georgia Mountains. The culture of a country town is reflected through the eyes of 18-year-old Jessie.

The loss of her mother at an early age permeates the story that encapsulates the uncertainties of youth.

Turmoil and dangers disrupt this peaceful town; combined with boy friend issues; suspense is maintained.

Jessie’s maturation is shown with her realization that she is not responsible for other people’s problems and happiness.

This book retains wholesome family values, without resorting to horror and terror. A welcome gift for any teenager. Dixie Minor is a fellow blogger and can be found at:

13 thoughts on “Review: ‘Winter Wish’ Dixie Minor

  1. M-R

    I would have been delgihted to read Dixie’s book, but that – as I told her – I gave away my Kindle, not realising that I would have need of it. 😦


      1. M-R

        She didn’t tell me that !!! I was labouring under the delusion that it was a Kindle publication.
        Off I go.
        Thanks, Barbara …


  2. Dixie Minor

    Reblogged this on Dixie Minor Winter Wish Thoughts and commented:
    I am so excited to have a review from a wonderful blogger, Barbara Pyett. I have enjoyed her blog so much. I am reblog gong her review of Winter Wish. I told her I was really happy that my book, set in a small. mountain town in Georgia, was read in Australia by a fellow blogger! Take a look. . . And check out her blog; you will love her posts like I do!


  3. Dixie Minor

    Thank you so very much, Barbara, for reading my book and for reviewing it. It means so much to me! I love that my book, set in a small mountain town in north Georgia, is being read in Australia! Across the ocean! 🙂 I am very honored that a blogger whose writing I enjoy so much read and reviewed my book, and I love the phrases you used to describe the book.( You described it much better than I can!) Many, many thanks!



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