Summer Time: No

My friend, Deb, in Winnipeg, Canada, says there are only two seasons, winter and construction. Workers spend their whole time filling the pot-holes, caused by the snow, in summer. She feels this is preferable to living with spiders in Australia! I tell her, it depends where you live in Australia. We don’t mind spiders, and very few are poisonous.

My preference for seasons are Autumn and Spring. Autumn is especially good with settled weather for restoring the garden. Summer means watering, and the very hot temperatures are devastating, not only to plants!

Christopher, my beloved, believes there are no great artists who live permanently in the tropics. This is a controversial thing to say, but he says the heat fries the brain! I do agree that it’s hard to work as hard when it is roasting, as lethargy sets in. Sorry to all of you, who live in the tropics, I know there must be exceptions!



11 thoughts on “Summer Time: No

  1. bkpyett Post author

    Our son in law comes from Mani-snow-ba, shall have to tell him I’ve heard his secret! They now live in Ballarat, which is cold in winter, but seldom gets snow. Hope it’s warm enough for you spiders to descend soon!


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  3. Maggie Wilson

    I’ve heard people refer to Winnipeg Manitoba as Winnipeg Mani-snow-ba. Though our area is not much better today. Snow showers this morning. No spiders out and about. They are all congregating in the high corners of the rooms. 😉
    PS :I just realized that your posts are not populating my reader. So, I am playing catch up this morning!


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  9. bkpyett Post author

    Are you trying to conceal the fact that I’m untruthful behind a big word?!!
    Really, spiders don’t bother me at all. In Sydney they have trapdoors!! In Qld. we had redbacks, but here I don’t think there are many poisonous ones….not mendacious at all! 🙂



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