Sunday drive to Ballarat:

Day light saving ended today, helping us with an early start to travel to Ballarat. Driving accompanied by Alan Bennett reading stories made the two and a half hour journey there pass in a flash, as did the return journey.

I’m sure many of you have heard Alan Bennett reading his stories. The first one was called ‘Father! Father! Burning Bright’, (1999) followed by, ‘The Clothes They Stood Up In’ (2001).

Alan Bennett’s astute ability to observe and describe the idiosyncrasies of the mundane is remarkable. His sense of humour saved what might have been a sad, dour experience of the protagonist’s father dying, into an amusing escapade.

From simple ideas; human nature with its foibles are captured into webs of intrigue and enhanced by his warm, Leeds accent.

Another favourite novella written by Bennett is ‘The Uncommon Reader.’ It is a gem and for anyone who has not read any of his work, his humanity shines through.

We had a delightful day celebrating Jack turning 6. His chosen profession at the moment is to become a spy. A finger print pack was given, so he went around inspecting all of our fingerprints with a magnifying glass.


Oh! to be six again! Jack and Mackenzie



12 thoughts on “Sunday drive to Ballarat:

  1. M T McGuire

    Aw bless them. Mine wants to be an astronaut but also drive a dust cart. So he’s going to be a space dust an and drive an f1 car at the weekends. He’s five though so a wee bit younger than these two.

    Love Alan Bennett too. My dad and he shared a friend who died and Alan Bennett sat behind my dad at the funeral. Dad said he so wanted to turn round and say something, especially when he heard him saying what a lovely chap the friend was… But he didn’t. Even to this day, I know he still wonders I’d he should have.




    1. bkpyett Post author

      Wow, your Dad being so close to AB! We admire him tremendously! I can see you must get a lot of inspiration for your writing from your children!! Thanks for sharing these thoughts!



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