Daily prompt: Looking out my back door

IMG_2295 IMG_2299Looking out, the the Virginia creeper dropping it’s leaves to allowing the light through, brings autumn into view. We are still awaiting rain, which is forecast daily. The constipated grey clouds gather over- head, not able to release their load, here at least.

Our outdoor eating area is where we entertain for nine months of the year. After that it’s inside with a fire. This April we’ve had the hottest day and night temperatures, for April, ever! Waking up to 25C (F. 77) is unusual for autumn with 31celcius, (87.8) in the daytime for the first two days of April.

Our Prime Minister doesn’t believe in Climate Change, and is busying himself dismantling research committees, or any other constructive work being done in this area.

We have solar panels, which are brilliant, making more power than we need. This should be my busiest time in the garden. It has become more spasmodic since I started blogging!



20 thoughts on “Daily prompt: Looking out my back door

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    1. bkpyett Post author

      Thanks Dixie, We are on a quarter acre block, as are our neighbours. It’s a very quiet area. Some people are beginning to put another dwelling on half the block and selling it, but we’re loving having a bit of space. Very lucky, I know!


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  4. bkpyett Post author

    Thanks, shall check it again! I have just re-done it… I don’t know why the photos disappear!
    Yes, I guess we’re of the privileged few who have a back yard…


  5. M-R

    Only problem – one of the images is missing. Apart from that, you outdoor area looks (and sounds) terrific, Barbara ! Lucky you(se) !!! 😀


  6. Mr. Atheist

    Ah. A summer retreat in spring. I dislike when climate change is ignored. I fret not. I will be gone (hopefully) when all of this comes to pass. The rising sea levels and the migrating animals and the closed zoos. Ugh.

    Thank you for ignoring your garden today.



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