Pear Chutney

This recipe is for Maggie: Yesterday I made 24 medium jars of pear relish, and tasting it last night we were delighted with it. Please don’t think we quaff such large quantities, they are distributed throughout the family and a few friends…

Pear Chutney

10.896 Kg /12lb pears           3 teaspoons cayenne pepper

14 g  / 1/2 oz of salt                1/2 oz cloves

5 1/2 Kg / 6lb. sugar                2 onions

12 cups / 3 pints vinegar           56 gm. / 2 oz. root ginger

Put ginger, cloves and onions in a bag and boil in vinegar. Cut pears in small pieces and cook gently till tender, adding sugar. Once sugar is there it does need stirring. Remove bag.  (I did add some cornflour, a couple of tablespoons mixed to a paste to bring a little thickening).  Bottle and seal. I found I had too much juice, so strained the last bit and tipped it out the excess juice.

This I cooked in two large pots, it really needs a jam pan. Half quantity would make 12 jars.


Pear Chutney 29th April 2014

15 thoughts on “Pear Chutney

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    1. bkpyett Post author

      That’s a long shot! Can’t imagine that will happen, with her present behaviour. She has made me learn text abbreviations and shortcuts, so it’s pay back time! Hope you enjoy the pear chutney when you make it!


      1. bkpyett Post author

        Thank you Maggie for recommending my blog, and introducing me to some new great ones!
        Yes, I think you’re pretty safe!!(re M-R)


  2. M-R

    Bloody WILSON ! – she’s showing off, you know, Ba, claiming she’s going to make chutney …
    [MW appears from nowhere and gives M-R a whack across the back of the head]
    OWW !!! OK, OK ! – she IS !!! [grin]


      1. M-R

        Too bad. I had to look ’em all up ! – ROTFL has been around since chat-rooms – about 1995. Crikey ! – that’s a long time. 🙂


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