Useful or Useless present?

IMG_2267How often do you receive a useful present? Presents can so often be useless, don’t you think? I’d like to hear about some of your, either, Useful or amazingly Useless presents!

For my birthday this year Liz, my friend, gave me a really excellent present called traditional ear candles. These are an ancient traditional method of removing ear wax! Liz arranged a time to perform the task; which involved a relaxing procedure allowing 20 mins per ear. Soft music, perfumed candle are optional! The candle is lit and as it burns it draws the wax up through a filter. It was amazing to see how much wax resulted in the candle, that’s the fun bit.

For people with hearing aids, it is an especially apt present. I just thought some of you may be struggling for an idea for that awkward person; here is a fitting, useful present.

8 thoughts on “Useful or Useless present?

  1. helen meikle's scribblefest

    My mother-in-law gave me a tea towel for Christmas EVERY YEAR! Comment, I’m sure, on the fact that she thought I should stay at home instead of working. If only! One of us had to work, and it wasn’t going to be her son! (I’m still getting through the supply 20+ years later.)


  2. M-R

    You’re a practical, fearless and kind person, Ba…bara ! I hope Christopher realises what a treasure he has ! I’m going to look for these: I have chronic ear problems with the left one – and You Never Know … 🙂



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