Starling Murmurations:


Dylan Winter has U-Tube video of 100,000 Starlings coming home to roost. It is amazing to see that the birds don’t crash into one another. The flocks weave in and out making glorious shapes. I hope you find time to watch this amazing feat.

 It’s called murmurations.

                                            The ultimate pilots.


6 thoughts on “Starling Murmurations:

  1. bkpyett Post author

    They used to do this in the ACT until the flocks flattened the grasses, after about four years!
    The flocks were not as large as this, but I thought it amazing to watch how they navigate and don’t seem to harm one another!


  2. M. R.

    Well, Ba me love … that is without doubt the BEST bird balloons I have ever seen ! Chic and I used to love to watch them when we were in Rome: it was one of our favourite things there. But I had no idea how huge and amazing the flocks are in the UK !!!! – no-one ever told me. Now I know, and I can watch it over and again.
    THANKS from the heart.



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