6 thoughts on “Adam Pyett’s Exhibition:

  1. M. R.

    FINALLY I get to know ! 🙂
    If that’s an example of his work – which it obviously is – I can’t understand why he didn’t sell all 12. He and his Dad, eh ? – peas in a pod. How marvellous to live amongst such beauty, Ba …


    1. bkpyett Post author

      Lucky eh? I agree! Today we went to another friend’s exhibition. Great fun and too much wine!
      We don’t often go to these occasions, so this was exciting. In fact i met a friend of yours! I sat next to John Hipwell at lunch, a film maker and charming man. His wife, Rachel, is an ex-student of Christopher’s. John remembers you and your husband… it’s a small world!!
      I told him about your book and he’s going to look it up!!


      1. M. R.

        I remember John well. Big tall skinny bloke with dark hair (then) and a nice smile. Lemme think; what was he ? Production office, I fancy … Probably something like Unit Manager, as he was often not on location but somewhere ‘in advance’ of us. What an amazing thing, Ba ! 😀 I hope he reads it:it should remind him of what a swine George Miller is … Sighh …


      2. bkpyett Post author

        Dear M.R., John is going to look at my blog and find you!! He’ll be delighted that you remember him. He made a film last year called L.A.D., but shall find out more.
        Yes, he has a lovely smile, and I’m sure you’ll make him smile more…. when he reads your post. He also knows my neighbours partner!!!


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