celebrations for the new born

IMG_2203 IMG_2193

Making felt animals is one of my evening occupations.  Just thought I should capture a batch before I send them off to two new babies. Both girls, one being born on it’s grandmother’s birthday. Very well done! Bells on the bottom are added. These can be hung near the change table and with a touch, they twirl around.

The little paintings (in the background of the red animals) are painted by Andrew McLean, a friend, painter, and children’s book illustrator. (Sorry Andy, this photo doesn’t do them justice)! He and Janet have their own websites, if you are interested to look them up. Janet McLean is a children’s book author and many of their books have been done together. mcleanpicturebooks.com  and http://www.the little bigbookclub.com.au

I shall look forward to some feedback from those of you who are interested in Children’s Literature and have time to look up their webpages.

The first photo has an early painting of Christopher Pyett’s in the background.

12 thoughts on “celebrations for the new born

    1. bkpyett Post author

      Thanks Dixie, I just love keeping my hands busy, so have made heaps! This time it is not for grandchildren, the doctor’s baby Florence, and a cousin’s grand child…
      But I do love the grand children, yes!!


  1. bkpyett Post author

    Margaret Rose, you are my most constant reader and I do appreciate and look forward to your comments. You are right I did mean…. I do hope others are bright enough to work it out too!
    So pleased you visited Andy and Janet’s site, as they are not good self promoters!


    1. bkpyett Post author

      I have updated The McLean website URL, thank you for your prompt!
      When it comes to technology I feel very unprepared… I admire you going for it and trying new things.
      I haven’t worked out how to do the widgets yet!!


      1. bkpyett Post author

        M.R. Could you please e-mail me on bkpyett@gmail.com? I can’t get a message to you at the moment with bigpond, don’t know why! Then I can respond and it will probably go through….
        Sorry I am so hopeless with computers… Bxx


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