Monday holiday:

Yesterday was a family day. Fran and James have started up in a new business this year in Central Victoria, and so they’ve been hectic; exhaustion affecting them both. Their boys, 7 and 5 are adorable, as all grand children are supposed to be. Jack organised and helped cook a chocolate cake for the celebration. Fran was able to help Christopher decide which painting to enter into a Works on Paper exhibition at the Mornington Peninsula Regional Gallery. Her reasoning was logical; choosing one with more definition, as it will have to be reproduced and will show up better in print.


Arch and Slab No.12, ‘Birthday at a Perfect Drop’ painted by Christopher Pyett

I was able to print off an incomplete story for Mackenzie, hoping that he can advise me whether it takes his fancy or not. It is such a privilege to have children to share my stories with and to get their input as to whether it is going to be acceptable to their age group. He’ll let me know when he’s finished reading it.

James is Canadian and a whizz on the computer, so he was able to help Chris get some things onto disc. If only they didn’t live so far away!! Well it’s closer than Canada, so I shouldn’t complain.

After they left we went for our usual walk, though cut it short because of the heat. Unfortunately two dogs appeared opposite the school. The Alsatian started to attack our little spoodle. Chris lifted her as we yelled for help. Two boys appeared and restrained them, but let them out again very soon after. One started to follow us, and I yelled, ‘Go Home!’ stamping my foot. Fortunately he did, but this has made us review our route for next time. Millie is very sore and sorry for herself. Chris has bathed her and hopefully we won’t need the vet. In our area dogs are very popular, and we see many regularly on our walks. Most are well behaved.

The majority of blocks of land in Pearcedale are quarter acre; further out there are 2-5 acre lots, or farms. Some of the quarter acre ones have been divided, but most people love their gardens. At the moment gardens are looking particularly parched. It is amazing to see some crocus poking their heads up and some baby cyclamen under the camellias. There’s always something exciting happening.


6 thoughts on “Monday holiday:

  1. Robyn Kelly

    Well I just love coming down to Melbourne because it is always so very green. I left Canberra in January for a short visit to my Son and his family and when leaving my backyard, which is usually lush looking, was very dead – I was very sad, after all these years of making a wonderful place. We have had a Christening, a wedding, a day-after-wedding lunch, all manner of birthday celebrations, etc.
    Anyway I arrived back here 2 weeks ago and voila – my garden had returned back to its former glory, all lush and green, minus the dead shrubs! Now to the weeding…
    Sorry to hear about your walk and poor Millie. When our Slim was alive and we took him for walks people would avoid us – Slim was such a big dog, but he was a big, big sook, always looking for a cuddle and hug, fancy thinking he would hurt anyone..Claim your walk territory and tell the owners to control their dog!!!


    1. bkpyett Post author

      Robyn, so pleased your garden has returned to its former glory! We are still awaiting that much needed rain. The sky looks promising, maybe tonight!!
      Yes, we do need to put a note in the box, to let those people know that their dogs did harm Millie and not to let it happen again, or else!!
      Thanks for you message!


  2. bkpyett Post author

    Thank you for your lovely response. I love the duck-feeding comment, very descriptive!
    It’s good that you have that spring-essence in the air to make you all feel more positive!


  3. Dixie Minor

    Lovely day with your grandchildren! (Except for the dog incident!) glad you had this time together! It was so springlike here today that everywhere I went, people were in a good mood. The young man from whom I bought a Diet Coke said it was good duck-feeding weather! 🙂 I liked that!:)


  4. bkpyett Post author

    Thank you M.R. for your concern. I shall discuss it with Chris again, he seems quite happy for the work to be viewed, probably without considering what others might do with it….
    About the dog, yes, I’m considering leaving a note in the letter box, saying if it happens again they’ll be reported…. Poor Millie is very sore.
    I wrote to the Pope again today thanking him for taking C.Pell off our hands!!! Great delight in writing it!


  5. M. R.

    I’m SO ANXIOUS about Christopher’s beautiful work being simply lifted and used for only-the-gods-know what purpose, Barbara … I mean, there could EASILY be bloggers (on any platform) using it as you use it … I’d give thought to doing it meself, were I not A Person Of Character – and also someone whose site you visit. [grin]
    As to those boys and their dogs: you are not only restricting your own lives by allowing them to cause you to change yours, but also potentially leaving others open to worse things than happened to you. The little shits have to be identified and their shitty parents addressed firmly but politely, surely?!!!



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