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Divorce is a contentious issue. No one would choose it. Some are lucky to have found someone   who grows with them. Otrazhenie wrote about this subject today and stirred me to write the following:

My record isn’t great. I married early to a gorgeous man and had two children. He was Italian and we moved to Europe where we discovered he was suffering from manic depression, or as now known, bi-polar. This condition has many  symptoms besides depression. That is an essay in itself. When he left me for one of his lovers I returned to Australia.

Second time around was five years later. I fell madly in love, only to find he hadn’t been totally honest. Another child and staying together for the sake of the children….. Not always the best idea…..So later, at 43 I started again.

Third time lucky! At 54 I married a childhood sweetheart. We have so much in common, life is a joy. Our children knew one another and were happy for us.

From each relationship I learned a lot; which has made my life far more exciting, though I wouldn’t have chosen this path if I’d been given a choice. Sometimes things happen for a reason. It left me with thousands of memories, from which I have drawn for my memoir, ‘Enduring Threads.’

For those of you who are going through these changes, remember, it is usually for the best. I do wish you well and may you find the strength to face these new challenges and make your life better. If you have children, a calm, loving home is essential. If you are choosing another partner, please look up an old post of mine called, ‘Warning Alert, choosing a partner’, (or similar words). Wishing you well!


10 thoughts on “Divorce:

  1. bkpyett Post author

    Yes, when I read about your multiple relationships, I felt very linked to you! In my memoir I haven’t mentioned everything because of my children; but there are certainly many stories to tell! Bipolar is a subject in itself. I enjoy following your post because of those commonalities.
    As far as paying, I feel spoilt, because I’ve paid nothing! It is much more expensive to join WP in Australia…. so I have the free version.


  2. Maggie Wilson

    I did not realize that we were kindred in the multiple marriage realm, Barbara! Not only that, but my second husband was bipolar. You know? The more time I spend here on WP, the more commonality I find with other people. That alone is worth the “price of admission”.


  3. dileshkhadake

    Being happy is kind of process, like cutting down tree by multiple strokes of Ax you dont know which one will cut down the tree. Similarly happiness is a state of mind you dont know where,when and how you will achieve. Good Luck


    1. bkpyett Post author

      Thank you for your good wishes! Yes, I think negative times can teach us a lot, so long as we don’t hold onto them.
      It sounds as if you may have some similar experiences? Best wishes to you.


  4. M. R.

    That’s a thoughtful and generous post, Barbara: I hope it gets to reach many people who could benefit from it. For me it’s just nice to know (1) that you’re so kind as to make past troubles available to assist others, and (2) that you yourself are now truly happy! It was your turn, eh wot?



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