Time, and lack of it.

Time is something we all talk about. Does it mean the same for each of us?

As a child it took an age for Christmas to arrive. Now the year seems shorter and I’m constantly preparing for the family to descend. Is it because I’m enjoying life more that it goes quicker?

My school years dragged. I hated school. I wonder now if it is the same for our young ones? They enjoy school so much more. Is the year going faster for them too? Is the world turning faster? It does feel like it. Perhaps my birthday tomorrow is making me think how time is diminishing…..

Writing puts us in another zone, and time simply disappears!CBP1068685


6 thoughts on “Time, and lack of it.

  1. Sarah

    This is my experience too.
    I think the most popular scientific theory is that novelty makes time pass more slowly. When we are young, everything is new and we are constantly doing/experiencing things for the first time. There is a lot to process. As we get older more things are familiar and we have got ourselves into comfortable routines. Our sense of time catches on fewer things. The familiar gets skipped over. There is less to process.



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