‘Akin to my Twin’, to be a children’s picture story book. Barbara Pyett © 2014

Will and Fin are twins.

They slept together. ( pictures showing their dog Rummy in most pictures)

They crawled together.

They went for walks together.

They grew and played together.

One day Finn went for a walk without Will. He closed the gate quietly.

‘Come on Rummy, we are going on an adventure!’ They ran together, excited to be doing something new.

Will ran inside. ‘Mummy, where is Finn?’ They searched the house.

They searched the garden. ‘Finn, Finn!’ they yelled.

Mum and Will went next door. ‘Have you seen Finn?’ ‘No, But I’ll help you look for him.’

They went to the neighbour on the other side. ‘Have you seen Finn?’ ‘No, but I’ll help you look for him.’

They went over the road to another neighbour. ‘Have you seen Finn?’ ‘No, but I’ll help you look for him.’

They searched the beach and they searched the park.

Meanwhile, Finn had reached the railway line with Rummy trailing behind him. Old Ted, another neighbour was riding his bicycle and thought, I recognise that dog!

Ted sat Finn onto the crossbar of his bike and pedalled back, followed by Rummy, to where he knew Rummy lived. Then they saw the search party.

‘Is this your child Mrs.? I found them on the railway line and thought I recognised the dog. If he’s not yours, I’ll take him back to where I found him.’

‘My goodness no! I mean yes! It’s our Finn!’ Thank you so much for bringing them home Ted!’

Finn looked so happy to be back, he gave them all a big hug. ‘I’ll never do that again, I forgot my way home!’ Finn and Will wandered home, hand in hand with Rummy close behind them.


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