‘Ruby’ a story and picture book to be, for the very young by Barbara Pyett © 2014

Ruby wandered out beyond the fence. She was sad. She lay down in the grass, shaded by the filtered green and yellow of the wattle branch. She watched the birds and clouds and made up names for the cloud shapes as they continued to change.

Inside her step-sister, Julia, helped her mother cook biscuits.

Ruby missed her own mother who had died when she was little. She often went to bed thinking of her and feeling sad. She liked to dream and try to remember her mother, warm and cuddly, reading her stories.

When her father had re-married, Ruby thought it would be fun to have a sister. The wedding was exciting. Ruby and Julia dressed as flower girls in beautiful new dresses. They had fun together.

But, Julia was older than her. She seemed to be better at everything; running, reading, writing and showing off! How could Ruby show them that she was special too?

Running away had made her new Mum annoyed. Sometimes she broke things and that made her cross too. Spilling jam on Julia’s new dress had upset Julia, her new Mum and her Dad.

How could she make up for her mistakes? What was she good at? She loved drawing and making up stories. Yes! She could draw a cloud story. So she crept in to get her old book and some crayons and tip-toes back outside.

Looking up at the clouds she started to see a boat. It was big enough for the whole family. It seemed to be going on a long journey; so they packed everything they needed including pillows, blankets and a hamper of food. Ruby started drawing and found that she was enjoying making up her own story. Ideas flowed, just like the changing clouds.

There were watchers on the nearby clouds holding umbrellas. they seemed to be the angels making sure that their journey would be a smooth one and that they would find the happiness they were all seeking.

Ruby finished her drawings and tucked the book under her arm to go back inside. The smell of biscuits wafted through the house.

Mum said, ‘Come and have some!’ Ruby sat up at the table with Julia and they had some warm crunchy biscuits together. They were yummy!

Mum and Julia asked to see what she had been doing. She pulled out her pictures and told them the story. Julia said she’d write in the words for her. They loved it.

Dad came home and he gave her the biggest hug because he loved it too. Tonight she would go to sleep very happy.

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