Finding my way

A Blog is just the setting, and a post is what you mend fences with.

I am about to make a post to start the fence analogy.

Putting in a photo is another matter, but shall try.  Today I will give you a 

glimpse of the girl that dreams.  I feel the same inside, does that count?Image


4 thoughts on “Finding my way

  1. Cheryl Osborne

    Abeautiful self portrait of a young gitl with dreams in her eyes. Now her vision is seen inher words. Cheryl


  2. Janet McLean

    Barbara, the self portrait is a compelling glimpse of that girl and her dreams, and it definitely counts that ‘she feels the same inside’. That is how you came to be where you are now – through all that has been experienced between then and now. Another self portrait?
    Janet x



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