First blog

Starting a Blog seems to me a bit like doodling.  Is it a place for unconscious doodling or is it meant to be for more serious pursuits?  Hopefully both.

The idea of starting a Blog was proposed by my editor, as it is a first step towards finding a readership.  For me, it seems a drop in the ocean and an unlikely way of finding a following, but here goes:

In the past, during difficult times, writing has always been a way of off loading tensions and regaining self worth using an inexpensive medium.  Are you in that predicament too?

A diary is a worthwhile exercise, as it seems to off load troubles and creates a sense of well being, allowing the creative forces an outlet.  As a woman, I have found creative urges needed to be flexible enough to be inserted between other tasks.  Working, childrearing and home duties can overtake one so easily.

Before leaving my work as an art teacher in a Special School, and my beautiful home in Canberra in 2000; to come to Melbourne to marry my childhood sweetheart, Christopher Pyett; I burnt all of my diaries and many collected letters.  At the time it was supposedly a symbolic and therapeutic act, to leave all of my baggage behind and find a new and absorbing life in a new state/State. It was probably the best thing I could have done.

Now I am dependent on remembering things in my own head, and not spending hours researching.  If one is writing, it all comes down to a subjective memory anyway.  Having written about my previous life and how it links up with the present has been satisfying, though there are so many things left out.  ‘Enduring Threads’ is my story and is ready for another edit, before the big step.

Children’s stories also occupy my time and so I am now investigating ways of getting stories out there, looking at self- publishing.  One of my stories was published in 2011 by New Frontier Publishing P/L, which is called ‘Lily’s Wish’.  It is illustrated by Serena Geddes and can be viewed through the publisher’s website.The book can now be purchased through Carmel English at Scholastic publishers.
Her e-mail address is: This is a perfect gift to be shared by grandparents. A review by Dixie Minor is on her blog at:

Smash Words/ Amazon open up a whole new sphere to investigate where to place one’s work. Have any of you trodden this path?  I would love to hear from you and we can share experiences.  It seems a blog on Word Press is just a beginning.

I shall let you know as I progress.  Happy Writing!

Barbara Pyett lives in a peaceful town called Pearcedale, country Victoria, Australia.  Her husband Christopher works as an artist, creating magnificent large gouache paintings and has his own web page:


View from bedroom window


2 thoughts on “First blog

  1. Sandy Aureli

    Hello dear Barbara
    Congratulations on this new venture. I’ve forwarded your WordPress address to Marama Warren who has her own WordPress blog at – you might like to subscribe to hers as she is definitely a kindred spirit. You’ll meet her when you get to come to beautiful little Milton one of these days!
    Love, XX Sandy


  2. 'There were three of them and Alleline.'

    Barbara, I am delighted to have found your new blog. I bought your first book (LW ) and my 5 year old thought it was terrific. I looks to me as if your a very creative writer and I very much look forward to your next publication.
    I will also keep a look out for Christopher’s work too. What a talented family.
    Best wishes



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